I'd like an estimate to replace garbage disposal. I would like a 3/4 hp.

Ernest R

Have a leak on the PVC connection house side of my water meter. City will not repair. How much will it cost me to do the repairs?

Nina V

Need a new dishwasher installed, replacing an existing one. The new one is a whirlpool.  Thanks,

Lori W

We may have a small gas leak coming from our washer/dryer hookup. We would like someone to come and take a look at it. Thanks!

Ryan A

Hello, I am seeking to remove and replace 30 gal short water heater in Condo garage on Harbor Island Dimensions: Diameter 22.25”, Height 30”, 240 Volts, 3/4 “ NPT Existing unit AO Smith Model AOS ELJF-30 Replacement Unit RHEEM RHES PRO30-2 or A.O. SMITH Model # AOS-PCL-30 or equivalent Please email or call me to confirm price and time to complete. Thanks

Kelvin R

Water bill jumped up to 130.00 Have a possible leak somewhere in condo or perhaps outside, not sure. No reason to have such a high water bill.... Looking for a good plumber to help me find the leak!

Mike P

I have a toilet that needs to be sealed. It appears to be leaking at the floor along a bottom of the toilet. I think it just needs to be removed and then resealed. Thank you

Peggy K

Leak in basement washroom and bathroom. Need the pipes repaired.

John P

I discovered one of my two hot water tanks leaking into its drip pan yesterday. Both hot water tanks are 10 years old. The one that is leaking has some corrosion. I've stopped the gas, turned off the pilot, and stopped the water inlet flow to the tank. It is naturally draining through the leak, into the pan, and out to the lawn. Do you replace water heaters? Given that both heaters are 10 years old, I'd be willing to replace both of them if the price is amenable. However, I don't see any issues with the other tank. So we have choices. How much would you expect it to cost to remove the damaged hot water tank from the attic and install a new one, tank included? (Please quote some high quality water heaters as I'd like to get another 10 years out of the new one.) How much would it be to do two tanks? Thanks.

John S

Cast iron toilet flange broke at a bolt slot. Appears to be long extension and one piece. Unknown if there is a simple piece to place over or needs replaced. Available after 8am.

Randy S